Last weekend my son’s team played in a tournament and did very well. The lighting under the trees was perfect for portraits after the games but…trying to get 6-8 year olds to cooperate is a bit of a challenge.

In this photo my boy is in the middle with two brothers on either side. I really love the expressions in this shot. It looks like something from a Rolling Stone shoot of the new up and coming something. Look for it in ESPN the Magazine soon!

Welcome to my PhotoBlog

If you follow Targuman then you know that I love to take pictures and often post them there. I likely will continue to do so, but this week I saw a lovely WordPress theme called “AutoFocus.” I thought it would be great for showcasing images on the blog, but it didn’t work well for my text entries. Then it occurred to me, why not create a separate blog, just for photos. So I have! Let me know what you think (I am open to other themes as well, so feel free to make recommendations on that as well.)

I am still debating about what image to post in my office, but this one is a favorite of mine and I think it would look great in large format. (It also works well as my first post on Targuman’s PhotoBlog!)

Translating my thoughts into images.

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