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Cardinals in the Morning

This week began our “self-isolation” in Lexington, Kentucky. More or less. The University is closing up, restaurants and bars have shut down, but we can still get take-out, gas, and go to the grocery stores.

Spring is also coming in with force and it is beautiful. The birds are raucous and I am so enjoy the early mornings again. There dawn chorus* is riotous. So this past Saturday I thought I would get out the big lens and try and capture some of the many cardinals fighting for turf out back. Here are a few of the shots, not great yet, but I am new to birding. There are so many from our back deck, I should have ample opportunity.

*The dawn chorus occurs when birds sing at the start of a new day. In temperate countries this is most noticeable in spring when the birds are either defending a breeding territory, trying to attract a mate, or calling in the flock. In a given location, it is common for different species to do their dawn singing at different times. In a study of the Ecuadorian forest, it was determined that birds perching higher in the trees and birds with larger eyes tend to pipe up first.[1] These correlations may be caused by the fact that both would also correlate with the amount of light perceived by the bird.[1]


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