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Mack and Me in the Studio

These are pictures I took of myself and my son last year. 362 days later, on New Year’s Eve 2012, our beautiful son died unexpectedly from a blood infection. Now all we have left are the pictures. Fortunately I took thousands. At some point they will be a blessing to me (as they are to my wife even now) but at the moment they practically mock me.

Still, I am so glad that I have these images and, more importantly the memories. On this day it was just the two of us in the studio. He played with his LEGOs while I got the lighting and technology figure out (it had been 25 years since I had been in a studio) and then we took a few pictures of ourselves. I cherish every minute we had together. You can see more of these pictures on my flickr account.

John William McKenzie Brady – Best Boy Ever


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