Translating my thoughts into images.

Rain on leaves

I am mostly testing out sharing from flickr to WordPress [doesn’t work with the Minimatica theme I am using now, well it does, but then I do not get the image on the home page], but I also quite like this shot. My son is particularly fascinated by the way the water beads up on the hosta leaves.

By the way, if you are looking to set up a self-hosted WordPress blog with flickr sharing, this post is particularly helpful. The pertinent comment:

read Flickr FAQ: Which blogging services does Flickr support??

This bit specifically

**If you use a WordPress self-hosted blog, in your WordPress dashboard under Settings > Writing > Remote Publishing be sure to check both Atom Publishing Protocol and XML-RPC. Then, in your settings on Flickr for that blog, enter your WordPress API Endpoint; for example:

…and it still doesn’t work?

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