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Grand Canyon Railroad

Sunrise at the Grand Canyon

This past week I had the pleasure of taking my family and 50-some students to the Grand Canyon. I took 1401 shots (far fewer than most students had predicted) and I will slowly add them here in thematic groups. On the second day fellow photog fan and student CH joined me for a beautiful sunrise. Here are a few of the pics.


We adopted a nearly 8 year old apricot toy poodle. She is fun, beautiful, and well trained. We are very pleased to have her join our family.


Since Christmas we have had nearly a foot of snow here in central PA. It has been beautiful and wonderful to play in, shovel (ok, not so wonderful), and I even managed a few pictures.

Red Rock Canyon, NV

This past spring a business trip took me to Las Vegas. I persuaded my colleague to get up before dawn with me to drive out to Red Rock Canyon. I learned that it is very hard to capture the grandeur the eye sees in such a wide-open space. A beautiful experience of which the images are but very poor reflections.

Fall Colors

The sky is gray, the air is crisp, and over the ridge I can hear the crowds from Beaver Stadium. Fall is here.

Barns and Farms in Black and White

When I started shooting and developing my own film and images (following in my older brother’s footsteps) we only used B&W. It was much cheaper and a lot easier to do in a basement darkroom whose walls consisted of heavy black plastic duct-taped to the ceiling. I have always loved landscapes and barns and farms in particular. This fall I hope to shoot a dozen or so specific farms I have gotten to know in our drives around central PA over the last 6 years. Today was fortuitous. It had begun to rain and we pulled over to put the top up. I drive past this farm at least twice a week, but usually as I am late for some meeting. This time I had the time.



Anniversary Orchid

I have loved orchids ever since I first read Nero Wolfe as a kid (Timothy Hutton did a great TV adaptation a few years ago). I already enjoyed horticulture and to have a detective-hero who had his own greenhouse where he nurtured and nursed his blooming children made it obvious that I had to have a few plants of my own. In those days orchids were very hard to find. Now they are in every grocery store, or so it seems. My wife has recently developed an appreciation of the delicate blooms as well and rather than giving her cut flowers that would fade and die in a few days, this anniversary I got her a small phalaenopsis. In the sunlight the blooms are translucent and gorgeous.


Crashing Waves

Handheld at sunrise this is not the best image, but the motion is captured.

Sunrise on the beach

5 am gets earlier each year I get older. My son wants to come with me tomorrow so I will do it all over again then.

A day at the beach

Just a few snaps from a lovely day at the beach.

Again with the covered bridge

It’s Thursday so it is tennis and back to Spring Creek park. This time the Boy wore his swimsuit and we waded into the creek. I also brought my prime lenses and tried a variety of shots. I got much closer to my subjects, water included, to bring out some of the detail.