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Spring Creek, Covered Bridge

Today was tennis! The tennis courts are in Spring Creek Park which has, wouldn’t you know it, a creek running through it. The weather today was again gorgeous and the chance to wade, toss stones, and take a few pictures was not to be missed.



Soccer, soccer, soccer

That is about all we do around here with the Boy. Our daughter reads and writes incessantly, except when her writing is cessant for playing tennis. The soccer, however, definitely takes up the most time. We spent a gorgeous Saturday with our State College Celtics in DuBois. The boys did very well, with our goalie (the Boy) having very little to do. I was also trying out my new Tamron AF 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC LD Aspherical IF Macro Zoom. This is a great travel lens and it served me well in Germany, but this was the first time using it for sports and… well, I think the lens is going to be great but I have to work a bit harder on the settings. (Sometimes a great DSLR like the D7000 can offer you too MANY options.)


I mostly take pictures of my son’s soccer games and rarely post those publicly, only when I have permission from the other parents (as with “Teammates”) but being at Penn State there is a LOT of sport to see. We often attend softball games in the spring. Beard Field is a wonderful ballpark and we can sit right down by the bench, behind the on deck circle. 


Last weekend my son’s team played in a tournament and did very well. The lighting under the trees was perfect for portraits after the games but…trying to get 6-8 year olds to cooperate is a bit of a challenge.

In this photo my boy is in the middle with two brothers on either side. I really love the expressions in this shot. It looks like something from a Rolling Stone shoot of the new up and coming something. Look for it in ESPN the Magazine soon!