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The College Cup – The Blue and the Orange

As many know, we are avid supporters of Penn State Men’s Soccer. The goalkeeping program is the recipient of the Mack Brady Fund in memory of our son and I am the “faculty partner.” All of that means I attend most of the games with camera in hand. As of a few weeks ago that camera is now a Nikon D810.

I was in the stands for the second round of NCAA playoffs called the “College Cup” in soccer,  versus Syracuse and I was armed with my Nikkor 300mm f4 (the older version, not the newer version). Even so, I had a fairly good angle. Our lads lost but our keeper Andrew Wolverton had an incredible game, blocking 8 difficult shots. Connor Maloney scored on a PK and for a time quieted the 1500+ strong Orange crowd. Our Bhoys in Blue ended up losing 2-1, but it was a hard fought match and I could not be more proud of this great group of young men. Watch for some of these men to be playing in the MLS! Especially our Mack Brady Keeper, Wolvey.

Spring Soccer and Affordable Camera Gear

Penn State Men’s Soccer had a good spring training with several fun games (although some in the very cold temps). Always in the quest for better gear on a budget, my friend John found a Nikon D2Hs on eBay for only $250. This was Nikon’s sports and wildlife pro camera from 2003-2007. This particular camera  had only 15,000 shutter activations and was incredibly well kept (read: hardly used). Coincidentally Ken Rockwell just purchased one for use as well and has a full review. The D2Hs is much better than the D2H and while it is only 4.1MP it is a fully pro camera and shoots 8 frames per second. For daytime sports, it is great! I can’t really expect to do any cropping, but those two extra FPS over my Nikon D7000 is worth it for sports. I am not sold on its JPG compression, but at 4.1MP I shoot everything in RAW with no real lag in buffering.

See what you think:

Big Ten Champs! PSU MSOC

On Sunday October 27, 2013 Penn State Men’s Soccer came back from a 0-1 deficit to tie the game with 1:40 left in regulation. They scored the winning goal with only 1:35 left in double overtime! (In NCAA regular season play the game would have ended in a tie.) That gave them the B1G Championship outright, even with several more games to play. The pictures here are a sampling of the action, including a key save and some jubilant celebrations.

Penn State Women’s Soccer take 15th consecutive Big Ten Title

On Sunday October 21, 2012 PSUWSOC played Michigan to a 1-1 tie and secured their 15th consecutive Big Ten title!

Soccer Cartwheel Throw-in

Penn State Women’s Soccer won their first Big Ten game of the year against Wisconsin. In order to get a long throw-in all the way to the box, Wisconsin player Lindsey Johnson performs a cartwheel throw.


Last weekend my son’s team played in a tournament and did very well. The lighting under the trees was perfect for portraits after the games but…trying to get 6-8 year olds to cooperate is a bit of a challenge.

In this photo my boy is in the middle with two brothers on either side. I really love the expressions in this shot. It looks like something from a Rolling Stone shoot of the new up and coming something. Look for it in ESPN the Magazine soon!