Soccer Cartwheel Throw-in

Penn State Women’s Soccer won their first Big Ten game of the year against Wisconsin. In order to get a long throw-in all the way to the box, Wisconsin player Lindsey Johnson performs a cartwheel throw.

3 thoughts on “Soccer Cartwheel Throw-in”

  1. Did the referee have her re-take the throw?

    “Opponents must ensure that they remain at least 2 yards from the thrower. Otherwise, the throw is re-taken.”

  2. I’m sure it depends on referee. I would have stopped play before she threw and moved defender back. BUT, if that would have stopped the flow of the match, then perhaps not. And if the throw was taken, and the resulting throw gave advantage to defending team, then you could have blew whistle for a re-take. Sounds like the throw went into 18 yard box, so PLAY ON!

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