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Red Rocks Canyon

I am traveling through the west coast, starting with Las Vegas. In at least 6 visits I have never so much as pulled the arm of a slot machine. But I have snuck out twice to take pictures at sunrise in the Red Rocks Canyon National Park. Yesterday I had a few hours so I was able to amble among the rocks themselves around Calico 1. Just beautiful and breathtaking. And still not enough time.

I am working from an iPad so these images have no or very little edits to them. Shot with D810 and Nikkor 28-70 f2.8 or Tokina 20-35 f2.8.

Fenway Park

Home of the Red Sox. We had the good fortune of a trip to Boston last week and a tour of the Park. Here are a few select shots.

Vienna in Black and White

We spent a lovely week in Vienna (Austria, not Virginia, although we left from Dulles). It is quite literally a monumental city. Statues and sculptures are everywhere. The weather was nice, but not great, often with solid, but bright, clouds. Great for portrait photography, not so great for landscape and architectural shots (depending upon what you are looking for in the later, of course). With all the white marble it occurred to me that B&W might just be the trick. From then on I looked for shots that I thought would benefit from this treatment.

I shot in RAW, did some tweaking in color before using Ponzanelli’s B&W Aperture presets.



I had the great good fortune to travel to Moscow for a few days. I wasn’t really sure about safety and I wanted to travel relatively light so I took my “travel kit,” a Nikon D3100 and Tamron AF 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3. This is a small a light combo with decent range and aperture.

The city center turned out to be far safer than my wife expected, but she had last been there in 1992. The early 90s were not a great time. It was an interesting time to be there, however, since Russia has recently “acquired” Crimea and I was actually in the room with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that he believed the US and the EU were trying to bring about another “color revolution.”

Basel, Switzerland

With Freiburg Germany as our base, we also traveled to Basel. It was a short train ride away and three round-trip tickets were less than 35€. Basel is, of course, an ancient and beautiful city with the Rhein running through it. When I was there 12 years ago I discovered that people will pack their clothes into water-tight, inflatable bags and float down the river on the hot summer days. I did it then, but I was a little leery of trying that with a backpack full of Nikon equipment.

The Basel Minster is gorgeous. My wife was the first to discover the memorial to the young graf and his mother and it brought to mind our own son’s early demise.

Freiburg, Germany

I have had the good fortune of being able to spend this month with my family in Freiburg, Germany to do research and write. Of course I have my camera with me as well. We have done and will do a bit of travel as well. So here are a first few just from Freiburg. (I have posted images from this beautiful town a few times before.)

Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk

Each summer we go to Rehoboth at least once. This past week was our trip and we had a great time.

Birds on the Beach

Over Memorial Day weekend we had the pleasure of being on Tybee Island and the nearby water. At low tide sandbars appear as islands and people bring up their boats, offload chairs, coolers, and their dogs (dogs aren’t allowed on most beaches). Meanwhile the birds take advantage of the low tide as well. Here are a few shots out of many that I took. Capturing the osprey was particularly challenging. Most of these shots were with the Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8D ED AF Zoom, on the Nikon D7000, of course.

I have also created an account on 500px. This allows me to also sell my pictures, so if you would like to download a HQ version of a photo or have a canvas print then head over to http://500px/Targuman.

Utrecht at Night

This past week I was in Europe, in Germany and the Netherlands. Thursday I was stuck inside all day due to rain, but after dinner the rain let up and I went out with my camera and the very nice (and relatively inexpensive) Tokina AF 12-24mm f/4 AT-X 124 Pro DX II Lens. This is about half the price ($495) of the Nikon equivalent and is a solid, great performing lens. The challenge I set for myself was to just use this lens, no switching, forcing me to think in wide angle terms. The f4 setting let in a fair amount of light and the D7000 range resulted in (I think) decent photos.

Grand Canyon Railroad

Sunrise at the Grand Canyon

This past week I had the pleasure of taking my family and 50-some students to the Grand Canyon. I took 1401 shots (far fewer than most students had predicted) and I will slowly add them here in thematic groups. On the second day fellow photog fan and student CH joined me for a beautiful sunrise. Here are a few of the pics.

Ring Toss – Memories of Rehoboth Beach

Summer has passed and Hurricane Sandy has washed so much of the beach away, but I am told Fun Land at Rehoboth Beach has survived. We look forward to returning again next summer.