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Freiburg Germany

I am very fortunate to be able to travel for Penn State this summer. I was recently named as chair of Freiburg “Faculty Implementation Committee,” or “FIT.” Last spring a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between PSU and the University of Freiburg. This is a university-wide agreement and we already have decades of collaboration between our two universities from philosophy to forestry and now energy and honors. In a few weeks over a dozen of my colleagues in the Penn State Institutes for Energy and the Environment will be arriving in Freiburg to meet with their counterparts here and we will reciprocate by hosting the Freuiburgers next year in Happy Valley. In addition to representing the university as a whole, I am also going to be working with their new University College Freiburg to establish an exchange program. I am very excited about that and more details are to come…

The trip here was fairly uneventful, although delayed by two hours. We pushed back from the gate at Dulles and they realized there was a brake problem. We returned, they fixed it, and an hour later we were on our way. Somehow we then lost another 50 minutes en route (with a tail wind, go figure). It was not a big deal for me since I simply took the train from Frankfurter Flughafen to Freiburg and walked two blocks to my hotel.

The Best Western “Hotel Victoria” bills itself as the greenest hotel in the world and I believe it. They have solar cells on the roof, wood pellet heaters for the water, and wind power from the city. (Freiburg is one of Germany’s foremost “Green Cities.”) After dinner at a local Italian café (and watching Spain-Italy tie in Euro 2012) I took a walk around town. Here a few pictures of my walk.

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Family Portrait

This is a family portrait that I took this winter. Our photography faculty were kind enough to give me access to the studio.

Summer Flowers & the Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school for our kiddos. For the boy it was a half day and for the girl they had a pool party. (A bit brisk apparently.) After a few pictures of the kids getting on the bus I snapped one or two of my wife’s flowers already blooming brightly up the front path.

These were taken with my new (early Father’s Day present) lens the Tamron AF 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3. I know that pros eschew the “super zoom” but this replaces the 18-55 and 55-200 kit lenses and so far I see no loss in quality but all the benefits of have a single lens (and longer focal length). Obviously I would love a faster lens at longer length for all those indoor soccer games but until I win the lottery, this will do very nicely for trips and every day shooting.


I mostly take pictures of my son’s soccer games and rarely post those publicly, only when I have permission from the other parents (as with “Teammates”) but being at Penn State there is a LOT of sport to see. We often attend softball games in the spring. Beard Field is a wonderful ballpark and we can sit right down by the bench, behind the on deck circle. 


Last weekend my son’s team played in a tournament and did very well. The lighting under the trees was perfect for portraits after the games but…trying to get 6-8 year olds to cooperate is a bit of a challenge.

In this photo my boy is in the middle with two brothers on either side. I really love the expressions in this shot. It looks like something from a Rolling Stone shoot of the new up and coming something. Look for it in ESPN the Magazine soon!