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Samovar Tea Lounge, San Francisco

I was in San Francisco for business this week and only had my iPhone 4S with me. I snapped these first two shots with that. The image of the “guest” asleep in front was taken a year before with a D7000. As I noted at the time on my flickr account,

The mild weather no doubt contributes to the large number of homeless people in San Francisco. The Samovar Tea Lounge is a beautiful and amazing place for tea and treats at the Yerba Beuna Gardens. It is very expensive, however, and the condition of the gentleman in the foreground shows in stark contrast to the average Samovar customer.

The iPhone (or any phone camera) makes for a nice surreptitious shot. I certainly would not (and did not) hide the fact that I was taking a picture, but it is so common place now that no one took notice. I like the active expressions of those engaged in conversation in this picture.

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