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Spring Soccer and Affordable Camera Gear

Penn State Men’s Soccer had a good spring training with several fun games (although some in the very cold temps). Always in the quest for better gear on a budget, my friend John found a Nikon D2Hs on eBay for only $250. This was Nikon’s sports and wildlife pro camera from 2003-2007. This particular camera  had only 15,000 shutter activations and was incredibly well kept (read: hardly used). Coincidentally Ken Rockwell just purchased one for use as well and has a full review. The D2Hs is much better than the D2H and while it is only 4.1MP it is a fully pro camera and shoots 8 frames per second. For daytime sports, it is great! I can’t really expect to do any cropping, but those two extra FPS over my Nikon D7000 is worth it for sports. I am not sold on its JPG compression, but at 4.1MP I shoot everything in RAW with no real lag in buffering.

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