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Scenic Gettysburg

In addition to the reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg there is also the simple beauty of the countryside.

Birds on the Beach

Over Memorial Day weekend we had the pleasure of being on Tybee Island and the nearby water. At low tide sandbars appear as islands and people bring up their boats, offload chairs, coolers, and their dogs (dogs aren’t allowed on most beaches). Meanwhile the birds take advantage of the low tide as well. Here are a few shots out of many that I took. Capturing the osprey was particularly challenging. Most of these shots were with the Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8D ED AF Zoom, on the Nikon D7000, of course.

I have also created an account on 500px. This allows me to also sell my pictures, so if you would like to download a HQ version of a photo or have a canvas print then head over to http://500px/Targuman.

Backyard Photography

I have often been told by professional friends that giving yourself an assignment is the best way to keep yourself engaged and learning in your photography. I have done this in various ways, but especially in just taking pictures of what I see everyday. A recent post on Digital Photography School makes the same point. I even have an entire flickr set just for backyard photos. These few show some extremes in lens length.

Sunrise at the Grand Canyon

This past week I had the pleasure of taking my family and 50-some students to the Grand Canyon. I took 1401 shots (far fewer than most students had predicted) and I will slowly add them here in thematic groups. On the second day fellow photog fan and student CH joined me for a beautiful sunrise. Here are a few of the pics.


Since Christmas we have had nearly a foot of snow here in central PA. It has been beautiful and wonderful to play in, shovel (ok, not so wonderful), and I even managed a few pictures.

Red Rock Canyon, NV

This past spring a business trip took me to Las Vegas. I persuaded my colleague to get up before dawn with me to drive out to Red Rock Canyon. I learned that it is very hard to capture the grandeur the eye sees in such a wide-open space. A beautiful experience of which the images are but very poor reflections.

William A. Schreyer Courtyard

Mr. William Schreyer endowed the honors college at Penn State in 1997, creating the Schreyer Honors College. When he passed away in nearly two years ago and friends and family wanted to honor him with a fitting gift to the SHC. The William A. Schreyer Courtyard will be dedicated tomorrow evening. I think it is beautiful.


When the weather gets wet around here mushrooms come out. My son pointed out this clutch of mushrooms just this morning.

Barns and Farms in Black and White

When I started shooting and developing my own film and images (following in my older brother’s footsteps) we only used B&W. It was much cheaper and a lot easier to do in a basement darkroom whose walls consisted of heavy black plastic duct-taped to the ceiling. I have always loved landscapes and barns and farms in particular. This fall I hope to shoot a dozen or so specific farms I have gotten to know in our drives around central PA over the last 6 years. Today was fortuitous. It had begun to rain and we pulled over to put the top up. I drive past this farm at least twice a week, but usually as I am late for some meeting. This time I had the time.




We took a 15 minute train ride to Koog Zaandijk, famous, apparently, for its windmills. Cute place, a bit like a Dutch Williamsburg and not a bit like Dutch Wonderland.

From Iceland to the Netherlands

I have been traveling in the Netherlands with a stopover in Iceland, thus the Kaffitár. Look for more images from the Lowlands coming soon. Aside from the coffee shop in Reykjavik, all of these shots are from Nijmegen.

Sunrise on the beach

5 am gets earlier each year I get older. My son wants to come with me tomorrow so I will do it all over again then.